The Agony and Ecstacy of Editing

Last year I shopped my book to several agencies and publishing companies. After initially expressing interest, an agent I had contacted ultimately claimed she could not represent my book. She said my book had some pacing problems–too slow in some places, and too rushed in others. It was a humbling experience and great feedback. Since then I’ve been working my way back through the book line by line to make improvements.

In addition to re-editing, having some time between the real events that occurred in the book (2013-2015) has given me a different and more objective perspective. There were moments of sadness and anger that swept me up not only in the actual moments, but in the re-telling of those moments. Now that four years have passed I’ve been able to reflect with a storyteller’s eyes.

To be truly honest, it was quite a disappointment to be rejected from the agent, but you have to have some no’s to get to yes, right? If I hadn’t gotten that feedback I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make my book a better representation of my story and create a better end-product for my readers.

At some point I will have to let the editing process go and be brave enough to share it with others again…but not yet.