My First Indie Publisher Submission!

Heart pounding and breath held, I just submitted my work to be reviewed by She Writes Press. This company is a hybrid publisher that promotes female authors. I first became aware of this company when I took a course titled “Write Your Memoir in Six Months.” One of the instructors is the co-founder of this company and has been an excellent mentor along the way as well as my other coach in the class.

Last summer I submitted my work to about 60 literary agents. I got one bite of interest and was ultimately rejected with some very helpful feedback. It was disappointing, but it was also the impetus to take a very critical look at my writing and challenge myself to make it (1) tell my story in a more artful and cohesive way and (2) make it more appealing to a broader audience. While the memoir is of course about a chapter in my life, it’s not meant to be private diary entries. What I hope to do is let other people who are going through similar struggles know that they are not alone.

Plus I want to be funny…mostly that.

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